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Better tools and better parts have made circuit design progressively easier, but it still can take as long to design an enclosure as it does to design the circuit. I wanted a quick, easy, interchangeable, and reusable enclosure for the prototype, one-off, and low volume designs that made up the bulk of my work. An enclosure of this type seemed so obvious that I waited years for the enclosure manufacturers to simply start making it. When that never happened, I realized that if I was going to have this enclosure I would have to make it myself. I received US Patent 6858801 for the CircuitShell concept in the spring of 2005 and completed the first injection mold later that year. The CircuitShell Enclosure is now here—at last. I have enjoyed designing the GPC1 Controller to share with you as the first application using the CircuitShell Enclosure, and I look forward to hearing about your own designs and applications.

Thank you,

Tom Brown, founder

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