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CircuitShell Application Gallery

In the application gallery, you will find examples of some of the projects that have been completed with CircuitShell enclosures. Please go to our contact page if you have an application you would like featured.

Time Code Generator

The Time Code Generator Model TCG is a smaller, lower-priced, weather-resistant replacement for V-data's Model GTP. The TCG generates standard 3Vp-p IRIG-B timecode that is synchronized to 1 microsecond with the UTC standard time from a GPS receiver. It can also capture event time to the millisecond from a pulse input or an RS-232 null character, and output the event time as an RS-232 character string. Unmodulated timecode is available for driving cine camera film plane LEDs or fiber optic transmitters. The TCG is available with internal or external GPS receiver. The recommended external receiver is the GARMIN GPS-18.

Planned use: Commercial

Submitted by: V-data

Firefly™ Fencing Scoring Apparatus

The Firefly™ scoring apparatus is an evolutionary step in electronic scoring. At a fraction of the price of the competition, Firefly™ provides more functionality in a smaller, lighter package. For more information about Firefly™, see FireflyFencing.com, and for more information about fencing, see United States Fencing Association (U.S.) or Federation Internationale D'Escrime (international).

Planned use: Commercial

Submitted by: FireflyFencing

Electric Motor Controller

Pressure controlled MOSFET PWM speed control for large DC motors. Includes speed latch, reverse, and current and voltage sensing.

Planned use: In-house

Submitted by: V-data

Pre-processor for projectile scoring system (EPASS)

The pre-processor makes highly accurate GPS or IRIG-B time measurement of pulses from orthogonal optical sensors for determining the speed and position of a passing projectile. The pulse times are then transmitted to a PC running software which determines the speed and point where the projectile would have impacted a virtual target. Projected uses are firing ranges, test ranges, and ammunition lot testing.

Planned use: Commercial

Submitted by: Davis Aviation, Kent OH

Contact: Larry Davis, (330) 677-8612

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